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Unique LA– Where you can play Shark Tank…one purchase at a time

Unique LA at California Market Center 110 E. 9th Street
Unique LA at California Market Center 110 E. 9th Street

I just found out about Unique LA and I’m definitely going to check it out! It sounds like such a great idea: bring together LA-based designers and entrepreneurs and let the public discover what they’ve created.  We all get to play Shark Tank and vote for the success of these start- ups and up-and-coming businesses with our own investments…one purchase at a time.  Unique LA happens May 3rd & 4th from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at California Market Center 110 E. 9th Street in downtown Los Angeles.  Admission is $10 at the door.  From the pictures, it looks like there could be a line in the morning so I think I’ll walk over there a little early.  If you’re driving  you’ll find plenty of parking lots in the area but you can also park underground in the California Market Center for $6 during the show.  This event sounds like one more great way to discover and support the  risk-takers that are creating a new economy in and for our city.  And if you can’t get there, watch for my Friday Frivolity posts as I’m sure the show is going to give me plenty of great products to write about!

Made in LA-Addicted to Soap


So I might as well face it, I’m addicted to soap–but I’m a discriminating addict…it’s got to be Light of Beauty soap.  And I’ve created a co-dependent, Jay is right there with me.  This all natural soap is created by a woman from Reseda who spent 10 years in the banking industry before discovering that she could make a living pursuing her passion making all natural soaps that clean your body and lift your spirits with their naturally intoxicating fragrances.  The soaps are made in small batches using ingredients sourced from local farms.  We get panicky if we are down to our last bar.  But each bar does last a long time and is as effective  down to its last thin use as it is when the bar is brand new.  We get our fix at Urban Radish in The Arts District .

Friday Frivolity- So Cal Locale Vintage Votive Holders

Welcome to Friday Frivolity where each Friday you’ll get a suggestion for something  fun, frivolous, fanciful, indulgent or comforting that’s made by a company based in  Los Angeles or the vicinity.votive holdersI found these vintage-inspired votive holders at Angelo Home,  the best gift and furniture store in Downtown L.A. (or anywhere for that matter–because you can shop Angelo’s website, too).  Each votive holder is unique and the images take you back to everything that was iconic about the culture  and commerce of L.A. , and other California locales, in days gone by.  The designer, David Cheaney, is an L.A. resident who hand-makes all kinds of wonderful  decor items and sells them in stores, flea markets, craft fairs and online.  Plop down in a comfy chair and check out his blog Cheltenham Road and be sure to make a stop in the Etsy Shop while you’re there!