Friday Frivolity- So Cal Locale Vintage Votive Holders

Welcome to Friday Frivolity where each Friday you’ll get a suggestion for something  fun, frivolous, fanciful, indulgent or comforting that’s made by a company based in  Los Angeles or the vicinity.votive holdersI found these vintage-inspired votive holders at Angelo Home,  the best gift and furniture store in Downtown L.A. (or anywhere for that matter–because you can shop Angelo’s website, too).  Each votive holder is unique and the images take you back to everything that was iconic about the culture  and commerce of L.A. , and other California locales, in days gone by.  The designer, David Cheaney, is an L.A. resident who hand-makes all kinds of wonderful  decor items and sells them in stores, flea markets, craft fairs and online.  Plop down in a comfy chair and check out his blog Cheltenham Road and be sure to make a stop in the Etsy Shop while you’re there!

2 thoughts on “Friday Frivolity- So Cal Locale Vintage Votive Holders”

  1. Love this Mary and I love vintage. So glad you mentioned Etsy. I shop there often for just about everything. I do buy some handmade clothing from a gal in LA where all the material is made locally and is custom made. I did find someone in Australia that sells vintage clothing and so far have bought quite a few pieces from her. I wait till she has her sale items and have kept prices on clothing way down. Courtney, however, says I’m channeling the 70’s. Funny girl xo

    1. Thanks for appreciating the vintage angle, Monica! I’d love to know who the L.A. gal is who does the handmade clothing–can you share her website? My niece Kaya, loves the 70s and it’s startling sometimes when I see her–she’s my sister, Patty, when we were in high school!

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