About DowntownBoomer

We’re two  baby boomers who, when our son went off to college,  got rid of  our barbecue, all our gardening tools and a whole lot more stuff so we could explore what urban living in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles would be like.  We’ve found new flexibility in the way we cook, shop, entertain and experience life.  Every day brings new discoveries, insights and ways of adapting and we look forward to sharing them here with you.

3 thoughts on “About DowntownBoomer”

  1. Jay and Mary,
    I have a private message I’d like to send you, and I can’t tell if what I write here will automatically be posted publicly, or how else I might contact you (FB? email? am I just missing the glaringly obvious “contact us” via email info on your blog here??). We met a few weeks ago at the Heart-of-the-City 5K and I have a follow-up to the brief conversation we had that day.

  2. Yikes–guess I’ve got an answer to that first question! And since my comments do appear to be going “live” as soon as I post them, let me just add that it was an absolute pleasure to meet you, and I LOVE that you’re blogging about & disseminating info about Downtown LA. 🙂

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